Yumiko Miura is a popular girl from Class 2-F. Yui is 'friends' with her. She is the main female figure in Hayato's clique.


Yumiko is an attractive girl with slightly wavy blonde hair, and olive green eyes.


Her personality is pompous. Due to her popularity, she is held in highest hierarchy. Hence, she has no trouble making friends and also has little to no understanding towards people who have social troubles. Yumiko doesn't show interest, or mind anyone other than higher hierarchy of the class, which is noted by Hachiman by her attitude towards him. She holds herself in a very high esteem, and is not afraid to use her authority.


Yumiko's glare

Most of males in her class sees her as a scary being. Hachiman once commented that her glare resembles an anaconda. It may be seen sometimes as if she forces her ideas onto the people whom she calls her friends. She doesn't like the idea of being opposed, turned down, or getting an answer not what she expects; this is shown during tennis court showdown, where Yumiko wanted to play tennis and doesn't heed to the words of Totuska, who got prior permission to use the court during lunch time.

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Yumiko opinion of marriage

She feels that cooking and cleaning is old fashioned. In the light novel, she avoided cooking in summer camp in order to protect her nails from damage.Despite of the fact, she tried her best to make chocolates for Hayato.

It was mentioned by Yukino that Yumiko wears expensive makeup. Yui also pointed out that her cosmetics and dresses are of high cost. She uses cuteness as crucial criteria in choosing friends with whom she hangs out with. She brushes off anything she doesn't understand as "making no sense".

She states her opinion on matters, and consider herself a genius for that. She forces her ideas on to others without concern for the individual, until Yukino pointed out Yumiko's flaws in her character: Yumiko imposes her one-sided opinion on others. From then on, Yumiko shows signs of change in her attitude.


Yumiko with elementary school children.

She also shows genuine care for her friends, as well as children. This was first shown in Chiba Village summer camp for elementary school children, where she acts as an older sister for them, although she acts bossily. She also shows concern for her love rival, Iroha, when she was not feeling well after the ride.

Hachiman describes her to be a queen or ferocious animal of the jungle who takes control, dictates and also cares for those in her boundary but hisses at those who aren't.

YZEP11 - 20
Despite her harsh and fierce personality, she is shown to be much weaker in emotional side. This is evidenced when she cried after a heated argument  between Yukino and Yumiko for thirty minutes at the Chiba camp, which neither Yukino or Yui expected. In episode 12, her love maiden, along with her emotional side, is shown to the audience when she was reduced to tears in fear of loosing her clique and wished to stay together for a little longer.

She avoided Hachiman direction completly after he saw her tears in times of her visit to the club room.  Her hobbies are shopping and karaoke.



Yumiko wants to play Tennis

She has be shown to be very good at tennis, and it was stated that she won the Junior High Championship. She also demonstrated her skills in the tennis match showdown, and she also participated in the athletic festival sports event of cavalry battle for the white team.


Yumiko threatening kids in summer camp

She is also a good actress that can put up a very convincing act. This was shown when she, along with Tobe and Hayato, pretended to threaten Rumi and her peers at Chiba Village summer camp to break their relationship by exposing their selfish nature, as Hachiman intended. She despised doing it, and likely felt that Hachiman was seriously terrible for coming up with such a method.

She is also good at coordination, which is seen at the class play for the cultural festival. This is seen as a leadership quality by Minami Sagami. She dominates the class with her tone of voice. She can also play guitar in concert, which shown at the cultural festival. In light novel, it was mentioned that her skill includes tennis and nail art, She has some level of observation and understanding atleast to the boundary of her clique.She filled the role of broadcaster  of athletic festival event.



She once imposed her opinion on Yui, which strained their relationship. Yui was trying to break free to have her lunch with Yukino, and was unable to tell Yumiko, who was fuming for her negative response. Yui was only left with the response of an apology. Yumiko constantly asked about Yui's absence, and warned Yui that she dislikes Yui's attitude. When Yukino barges in and accuses Yumiko of being self-centered, Hayama tried to calm the situation, but both the girls ignored him. The tense atmosphere then drives the other students out, and Yui uses the opportunity to explain that Hachiman and Yukino helped her realize that she can be her own person, and not force herself to do what others want from her, which Yumiko accepts.


double tennis Showdown

Later one afternoon during lunch,Yumiko and her group demanded to use the tennis court, and ignored the fact that Saika had permission to use it. Considering the situation, Hayama make a wager to the service club to have a doubles tennis match, with the winner being able to use the court and to help Saika practice. As Yumiko and Hayato steadily gained the upper hand, Yukino replaces Yui, as the latter sprained her ankle while playing; thus, the service club gained the upper hand.

Yumiko becomes more competitive after learning that Yukino has lost all her stamina. Yumiko refused to back down, even after Hayama's persuation to consider it a draw. However, Yukino stated that Hachiman will end the match in their favor.


Hayato saving Yumiko

At Hachiman's final serve, Hayato and Yumiko gained the cheering of the crowds, leaving the service club dumbfounded of their victory, as Hayato protects Yumiko from injuring herself.

Later, her attitude slightly changed towards her friends after her confrontation with the more straight-forward Yukino. She begin to consider the opinion of her friends; thus, her relationship deepens with them further, especially with Yui. However, her enmity towards Yukino still exists.

In Chiba summer camp, She felt sorry for Rumi, and considered her method of choosing cute friends as the best option for Rumi Tsurumi, who was turned down in a polite manner by Hayama. There, she tried to stand up for Hayama against Yukino's harsh words and coldness towards him.

She later took part in Hachiman's method of breaking the relationship around Rumi, with the persuasion of Hayama, even though she was initially against it.


Yumiko threatens with her tone of who tries to dump the resposibility on yui

When the responsibility of class representation for cultural festival committee was focused on Yui, Yumiko raised her strong tone against the class officer and sardonic laughter of Sagami Minami's clique, explaining the requirement of Yui to attract costumers. Thus, her old habits of jumping the gun and imposing her ideas on to her friends without her intention to do so came back, for which she appologised to Yui but was completly smoothened by Hina in a sarcastic way which Yumiko couldn't comprehend  Later, she helped the committee under the personal request of Hayama to stall time in order to find the chairperson of the committee, Sagami Minami.

In the field trip following Tobe's request to the club in assiting him to confess to Hina Ebina, Hachiman and Totsuka were included in their group along with Saki. Where, for the first and only time, she had a private conversation with Hachiman. She told Hachiman not to interfere or meddle with her group, especially with Hina. She explained the consequence that will affect her clique's relationship, thus surprising Hachiman about her considerations. This conversation also made Hachiman realize the meaning of the personal request of Hina. At time of confession, Miura wasn’t present. She was, without a doubt, pretending to act ignorant of the current situation; she wouldn’t ask about it, try to stop it, or pay attention to it. In the anime of Episode 2 of season 2, she was shown to gaze the ceiling of the room in distress unable to do anything while the stage is set for Tobe's confession.

Yumiko went to the destiney land with her clique.She was informed of Yukino's presence but was slightly annoyed, when she learn't that Hachiman was taging along.While enjoying the theme park, she competed with Iroha for Hayato.

Yumiko arrived to the shrine with her clique (with exception of Hayato) for new year where she was more or less shocked that Yukino knows of the reason for Hayato's absence but went off.

In Episode 11 of season 2 (adapted from Volume 10 of the Light Novel), the rumor of Hayama and Yukino being couple started spreading in throughout the school, which resulted in big change in the atmosphere of Hayama and Yumiko's clique. This adds up with Hayama's reluctant answer to his decision of next year course (either Liberal Arts or Science). This causes an extra pressure on their clique and the posssibility of it's breakdown. Yumiko sent an email to the service club regarding to choose between two choice of career path. With Issiki's explanation, they were able to understand the motive of the request: Yumiko's romantic interest in Hayama.

YZEP11 - 14

Yumiko's request to the Sevice Club

As the rumors became more and more bothersome in the class, Yumiko confronted the Service Club herself to confirm it with Yukino. Yumiko questions Yukino, about Yukino's relation with Hayama in the past but Yukino said things in a round about manner leaving it un-answered .In the heat of the argument, Yumiko tried to aggressively grab Yukino's arm, but was blocked by Yukino herself. In course of the conversation, Yumiko stated her desire to have an unchanging environment. After a few failures, Hachiman was able to fulfill the request, and Hayama crushed the rumor by using the cheers of Isshiki and Yumiko at the annual marathon.

Following the result of her request by the service club, she choose liberal arts as her career path for her third year. In Episode 12 of season 2, she tried her hand in making Valentine's chocolate for Hayato, with the help of service club.


  • “Hayato’s so nice…”


  • Her special skills are tennis and nail art.
  • Her hobbies are shopping and karaoke.
  • When asked how she spends her days off; she answered "Shopping, part-time job and hanging out with friends without a purpose."