Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Volume 5 is the fifth official volume of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru light novel series. Volume 5 is roughly adapted into Episode 9 of season 1.

Chapters 1-4, half of 5, and part of 7 are EXCLUDED from Episode 9.

Episode 9 covers the second half of Volume 5.

Synopsis Edit

When A Loner Starts Making Connections, Something's Gotta Give.

As summer break winds down, Hachiman expects the last few days to be relatively uneventful... until Yui suddenly stops by his house with a request and Totsuka invites him to hang out. Not only that, but he somehow finds himself at a fireworks festival with Yui- and Yukino's sister. Whether Hachiman likes it or not, his relationships with Yui and Yukino are changing, and this stubborn loner can't ignore it forever.

Summary Edit

Volume 5 describes events that happen during the rest of summer break after the "Summer Camp" events of Volume 4.


The chapter guide is meant as a light timeline (under 4000 words) of events for reference and/or comparison to the anime. If you are looking for any extreme detail, please use the ISBN #'s to purchase the full volumes.

Prologue Edit

The prologue is Komachi Hikigaya's summer homework report, "The Mystery of Fireworks". The topic is fireworks and chemical reactions.

Chapter 1 - "All of a sudden, the tranquility of the Hikigaya household collapses." Edit

Hachiman is finishing Komachi's report and gives it to her to read over. She doesn't like it and decides to write it properly. As she wanders off to redo her report there is a knock at the door. Hachiman goes to answer it thinking it might be an amazon delivery, but he is surprised to see Yui there with her dog Sable. Yui explains Komachi offered to take care of Sable while she goes on family vacation. Her other friends aren't good candidates, and Yukino is still MIA at her parents house. Hachiman, after some prodding from Komachi, agrees to help and reveals they used to have a family dog. Yui thanks him and hurries off, mentioning her parents are waiting in the car to leave.

Hachiman is left observing his cat, Kamakura and Sable. He notices that Kamakura isn't upset, but seems intent on keeping distance between himself and Sable. Just like Yukino and himself.[1]

Chapter 2 - "Sure enough, he's forgotten Saki Kawasaki." Edit

Hachiman goes to his summer cram school at Tsudanuma Campus (Chiba Institute of Technology). As Hachiman is zoned out waiting for the class to start, he doesn't notice Saki come into the room. She walks over and thanks him for telling her about scholarships, and mentions she got one for school. Hachiman cant remember her until she thanks him for helping Taishi too. He suddenly remembers his dislike for Taishi, and who Saki is.

During lunch break Hachiman is appreciating how quiet is is. There are many loners like him at the cram lessons. Part of his desire for good grades was to have less people in his classes. Hachiman also reflects on false friendships, and how they can hold you back. Then they never seem to last anyway. It is better to be alone.

After class Saki awkwardly asks Hachiman for a moment of his time. Hachiman pretends he is busy with Komachi and cant go, but Saki calls his bluff. It turns out Taishi is with Komachi nearby and he is the one that needs help with something. Suddenly Hachiman is very interested in going, if only to keep Taishi away from Komachi. They go to meet at a nearby Saize (Saizeriya). On the way Hachiman is contemplating murdering the "cockroach" (Taishi), until Saki interrupts his thoughts. She mentions Yukino was taking the same science cram classes a little while ago. hachiman hadn't seen her because he is only taking social arts courses. Saki explains that it is hard to approach Yukino casually, she asks Hachiman to thank Yukino for her.

When they reach Saize to meet Komachi and Taishi, Hachiman becomes irritated with Taishi immediately. Taishi asks Hachiman for a "guys perspective" on Sobu High. Hachiman explains that not much is different at Sobu except the tests are harder. Hachiman then drones on about how horrible social life is, Komachi and Saki escape by getting drink refills for everyone. When they leave Taishi reveals he has questions he can't ask his sister. Taishi is really interested the rumours of Yukino and her elite classroom filled with beautiful girls. Hachiman says there are more girls than guys at Sobu, and lots of them are very cute. Taishi is really excited until Hachiman reminds him just because he likes someone, it doesn't mean they will like him back (it is implied he likes Komachi). The girls return and Komachi tells Hachiman to stop bullying Taishi because he looks so glum. When asked how his marks are Taishi slumps down even more. Saki mentions at this rate he might not get into Sobu. Komachi tells Taishi that no matter what school he ends up at they will always be friends, just good friends, and nothing more. Hachiman is both happy for himself and sad as a guy, for Taishi seeing his academic and romantic dreams crushed in a matter of minutes. Hachiman says Taishi just needs a new reason to enter Sobu. His was to avoid middle school classmates, Saki's was because of their connections to good cheap schools, and Komachi shyly refuses to answer. Taishi decides he's going to try hard and get into Sobu.[1]

Chapter 3 - "Saika Totsuka has surprisingly subdued tastes." Edit

Hachiman is watching anime at home when he receives an email from Totsuka.They agree to go on a "date" (Hachiman's words).

The next day, Hachiman waits for Totsuka and is comically excited and flustered when Totsuka shows up. They didn't make plans so they just met at Kaihin Makuhari Station, which has lots of options. They wander by the Cineplex Makuhari (movie theatre/acrade) and Totsuka mentions he wants to see a movie. Hachiman agrees stating Totsuka will be the first non-family member he has ever seen a movie with.

In the theatre, Hachiman notices its mostly student over summer break and thinks he briefly sees Yumiko with some friends. Totsuka surprisingly picks a horror movie, and they go sit together in the auditorium. Hachiman notices a large sweaty person wearing a trench-coat sitting in the front row and decides to avoid him (Zaimokuza). Hachiman isn't really paying attention to the movie, as he is too happy being with Totsuka. Hachiman barely notices the movie finish because he is too busy stopping himself from looking at Totsuka the whole time.

Afterwards they decide to get some drinks and Zaimokuza sneakily catches up and orders with them. Hachiman tries to ignore Zaimokuza but Totsuka keeps including him in their conversation about the movie. They all agree that Yukino is scarier than the movie. Zaimokuza then pulls out his latest novel draft and asks Hachiman to read it. Hachiman dismisses him and they begin to talk about nostalgic things form childhood. Even though they are 3 very different people they all had toy RC cars.[1]

Chapter 4 - "Unfortunately, nobody knows where Shizuka Hiratsuka's red thread went."Edit

Hachiman wakes up one day and decides to get ramen. It is the greatest food ever and perfect for a loner. He hates couples and groups that go to ramen counters for dates. He is considering all the different ramen places that Chiba has, and decides for once to go to one nearby. He often avoids places where he lives out of fear of meeting someone he knows, and therefore might be obligated to invite them for ramen.

He goes to Kaihin Makuhari Station and starts to wander. Hachiman passes a nearby church and notices Shizuka at a family wedding. With her family pestering her she notices Hachiman and uses his rotten behaviour as an excuse to leave. She drags Hachiman a couple blocks away and lights up a cigarette. Hachiman notices how incredibly pretty she is but her actions of lighting the cigarette are that of an old man's. She is pretty depressed until Hachiman mentions he is going to get ramen, Shizuka enthusiastically declares she is coming too. Hachiman is embarrassed because Shizuka is way too pretty and overdressed to get ramen with, not to mention their age difference. On the way to get ramen, Shizuka mentions Komachi has been telling her about his actions over summer break, she is proud of him.

They reach the ramen shop Hachiman had chosen and get in line. Shizuka mentions she'll be at the Port Tower fireworks later supervising students. All the bigwig families will be there at the VIP area, including the Yukinoshita's. She even mentions Haruno was an old student of hers. Together they assess that while Yukino is just as smart, talented, and pretty as Haruno is, Yukino has shown no inclination to use her talents the way Haruno could/did. Shizuka then praises Hachiman's talents, saying they are similar to Yukino's, this makes him embarrassed.

When it is their turn to order Shizuka reveals she is a pro when it comes to ordering ramen and even offers to buy Hachiman's. They eat their first bowls in silence, when on seconds they talk a little more. Shizuka compares ramen to growing up. When you are younger you might only like the one version, but as you get older you tolerate other kinds and your personal taste can change. They finish and Shizuka offers to show Hachiman to one of her favourite places next time. She reveals she had a loners tendency like Hachiman to find ramen shops in her youth. Hachiman wanted to go alone but agrees on the next "date" when Shizuka is visibly upset.[1]

Chapter 5 - "Hikigaya Komachi considers that one day, her brother may leave."Edit

Hachiman and Kamakura are hiding from Sable. Komachi finds them and makes Hachiman go with her and Sable on a walk. The sun has set when they leave. Komachi mentions its been a while since they last went out together. She misses him when he is gone, like when he was in the hospital (the car accident before high school). Hachiman says she has to get used to that because eventually he'll be gone. Komachi looks sad, he then mentions that he intends to stay at home as long as possible, even through university. He mentions its not because he is a leech, but because he will miss Komachi, which cheers her up. In reality, Hachiman just says there is no value in moving out unless he has to. Komachi suddenly brings up Yukino, mentioning Yukino lives alone and is probably lonely, at least sometimes. Hachiman considers this for a moment and internally agrees. He then reminds Komachi that he will probably stay home until he meets his dream wife and can become a house-husband.[1]

Later when preparing dinner Yui shows up to retrieve Sable. Komachi sadly bring Sable over to say goodbye and says she can come back anytime, especially if its to meet their parents. Yui bashfully declines. Hachiman tells Yui that if she goes to the fireworks festival the Yukinoshita's and Yukino might be there (since Yukino has been MIA since summer camp). Yui thinks its a good idea to check it out and asks the Hikigaya's if they want to go together as thanks. Komachi refuses because she "has to study", but forces Hachiman to go with Yui in her stead. Hachiman pressured by both girls accepts the offer and will wait for Yui's email later.

Chapter 6 - "And so Yui Yuigahama disappears into the throng."Edit

The night of the fireworks Hachiman goes to meet Yui. She shows up late and they awkwardly get on the nearest subway. On the way to Port Tower they chat awkwardly. Hachiman notices Yui is unusually shy, and very cute in her Yukata. Yui mentions she used to go with her friends to see the fireworks but this time is going with Hachiman. They endure a really awkward, 2-hour train ride to the Chiba Municipal Fireworks Festival.

They have about 1h30m to kill, so they decide to do some shopping beforehand. Yui mentions Komachi sent her an email with a shopping list attached, that's what they decide to do first. When shopping Yui keeps getting distracted by the games stalls. After getting the first few things on Komachi's list they run into Yui's acquaintance, Sagami. Hachiman immediately notices Sagami is judging him and realizes he has hurt Yui's "social reputation" by being with her. He distances himself to lessen Yui's "embarrassment" and goes to get Yakisoba. When Yui catches up its almost time for the fireworks to start.

They look for a place to sit and Hachiman wished he had at least brought a ground sheet. Yui is surprised he can be considerate. As they continue looking they find themselves outside the paid/VIP area. They are about to leave when they are noticed by a refined looking person, Haruno Yukinoshita.

Haruno invites them into her VIP section to watch the fireworks. She says she has been greeting people in her fathers place all night and is happy to see people she knows. Hachiman and Yui sit by her. Hachiman cant relax because of Haruno's perfect exterior and "dark interior aura". Haruno whispers he shouldn't fool around with other women (as she hopes he will date Yukino). Haruno is relieved when Hachiman tells her he and Yui aren't fooling around or serious. Yui asks Haruno if Yukino is around. Haruno intentionally "forgets" Yui's name before replying that Yukino is home today. Only the eldest daughter needs to go to public functions. Haruno mentions its beneficial to make one daughter stand out as the successor in the family. She also reveals that much of their family's routine is controlled by their mother, who is scarier than both Yukino and Haruno. She says Yukino was never confrontational and surprised them all when she demanded to live alone when entering high school, their father granted the request but their mother is still opposed to it. Hachiman asks if Yukino is close to their dad, Haruno happily asks Hachiman if he is interested in meeting his future father-in-law, before guiding the conversation back to he and Yui's "date". Yui denies that its a date which Haruno accepts, but whispers cryptically that things didn't go Yukino's way again. Haruno continues chatting and reveals she is only 19 and attending a local Tech School in order to take over the Yukinoshita family business. When Yui says that's what Yukino is aiming for too, Haruno is bemused that Yukino is still following in her footsteps instead of achieving her own dreams.

After the fireworks Haruno offers to give Hachiman and Yui a ride home, albeit in the same car that hit Hachiman when he started high school. Haruno acknowledges the collision saying all the scratches are gone. Hachiman and Yui say nothing and realize that Yukino really did know about the accident and recognized them both, but hasn't talked about it yet. Haruno realizes her mistake and tries to defend Yukino, telling Hachiman it wasn't her fault. Hachiman says he's forgiven the past anyway, and didn't blame Yukino in the first place. He and Yui opt to walk home and say their goodbye's.

They were silent the short ride to Yui's station until Yui starts a conversation as she gets off. Hachiman offers to walk her home and talk. Yukino hadn't talked to either of them about the accident. They know it will take a while because it even took Yui an entire year to talk about it. They agree to still pretend they don't know about the accident in order for Yukino to come forward on her own terms. Yui says she still wants to know Yukino's feelings about the accident, and learn even more about her in order to be better friends and help her. She then makes Hachiman swear to help Yukino if shes ever in trouble. Yui' is tearfully trying to explain something else about her feelings towards hachiman when her phone rings. She answers it at the behest of Hachiman. Its Yui's mother wanting her to hurry home, Hachiman watches her run down the street into an apartment building before going home himself.

Chapter 7 - "And as for Hikigaya Hachiman..." Edit

It is the last day of August and summer break, Hachiman is getting his school things together and finds the report he did for Komachi that she rejected. He thinks about how firework chemicals and people are similar. Chemicals react differently with each-other, and so do people. He considers all the different people that met Yukino, each one had described her differently. Hachiman then re-evaluates his own perspective of Yukino and concludes he only saw what he chose to see. The version of Yukino he sees is one he admires, and he doesn't want to change that perspective.[2]

Chapter 8 - "Yukino Yukinoshita stands in place, just for a moment." Edit

The next day, first day of school after summer break, Hachiman sees many familiar faces including Tobe and Ebina. As Hachiman is avoiding everyone only one person approaches him, Yukino Yukinoshita. She mentions she talked with her sister and heard that Haruno met Yui and he during the fireworks festival. Before Yukino can continue, Hachiman interrupts, asks her if club is starting today. She says yes and he walks away. Hachiman acknowledges that he blinded himself with his perspective of her, because even Yukino can lie to him if she wants (about the accident). He is upset not at Yukino, but at himself for not observing people properly and formulating "concrete" opinions that don't change.


  • Hachiman Hikigaya - The main character. High school second-year. Twisted personality.
  • Yui Yuigahama - Hachiman's classmate. Tends to worry about what other people think.

Characters not in glossary

  • Yumiko Miura - Hachiman's classmate. Reigns over the girls as queen bee.
  • Minami Sagami - Yui's acquaintance. In Yui and Hachiman's class, 2-F.
  • Hina Ebina - A Fujoshi. Yui and Yumiko's friend.
  • Kakeru Tobe - On the soccer team. Hayama's friend.

Differences And OmissionsEdit

While not everything in the light novel can be adapted into the anime, most of it is. The order of events is even changed in places. Some key differences, and large omissions will be listed here.

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  2. Hachiman's monologue part of Chapter 7 is combined with Chapter 8. The rest is omitted from the anime.

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