Service Club Requests
This page contains all requests and other tasks performed by the Service Club. The Page is broken down into the Light Novel requests by Volume, followed by an episode-by-episode breakdown of requests from the anime.

Light Novel Requests

The Service Club received many requests during the series, most of which were adapted into anime form. This is a list of their requests as well as other Service Club activities.

Volume 1

1st - Shizuka's request to fix Hachiman

Officially the first request is from Shizuka, who asks Yukino to fix the twisted, lonely character of Hachiman. But she cannot use physical violence. Psychological violence is fine though.

Battle Royale

Shizuka also challenges Yukino and Hachiman to "battle" each-other using their ideals. Whomever can help the most students will win her contest. The winner can make the loser do anything they request.

2nd - Yui's request making cookies

Yui Yuigahama is sent to the Service Club for help by Shizuka. Yui wants help with baking cookies for someone. Yukino struggles to teach Yui how to bake properly as Yui has no confidence in herself. Yui wants to quit and forget about the request, but Hachiman manages to convince her that the cookies can be terrible, it's the thought that counts. Yui becomes motivated and rewards the Service Club with her own homemade cookies the next week.

3rd - Zaimokuza's light novel review

Yoshiteru Zaimokuza is waiting for the Service Club one day. He was directed there by the "sage Hiratsuka" for help. Yukino wrongly assumes he wants help curing his Chuunibyou syndrome, Zaimokuza has a difficult time telling her his real request. Hachiman notices Zaimokuza's novel script scattered around the room and offers help with it.

The next day Yukino, Yui, and Hachiman all provide harsh criticism on Zaimokuza's light novel. Despite the harsh words and put downs about his work, Zaimokuza bravely asks if they will read anything else he brings the club for review. Hachiman agrees when he sees Zaimokuza is just happy that someone will read his work.

4th - Totsuka's tennis practice

Saika Totsuka, the tennis club captain, is partnered with Hachiman for gym class when he asks Hachiman if he would join the tennis club to make it stronger. Hachiman refuses. However, Yui brings Totsuka to the Service Club where he requests they help him get better at tennis to motivate his club members. Yukino agrees and decides on extreme training.

One day while training, Hayato and Yumiko want to use the tennis courts so they challenge the Service Club to a match with the victor being able to help Totsuka. The Service Club wins the match, Totsuka is seen celebrating indicating this was his preferred outcome.


Shizuka declares their (Yukino, Hachiman) "battle royale" scores to be 2-2, a tie. Hachiman says "how did you grade this?" and "we only helped 3 people, not 4". Shizuka declares it was definitely 4 requests (Yui, Zaimokuza, Saika, 4th is open to interpretation but possibly her initial request), and her grading is biased and arbitrary.

Volume 2

5th - Hayato Hayama and the hateful chain-email

Yui receives a hateful email about her, class 2-F, specifically about Hayato's friends. Hayato stops by the Service Club later that day and requests they stop the email from spreading without finding the culprit. Eventually they realize the messages are about the upcoming workplace tour groups, and that if Hayama were to not be in a group with any of his 3 friends the hate messages would stop. As all 3 of them would be left out of Hayama's group, there would be no reason for the chain message to exist.

The next day Hayama informs his friends that he wont be in any of their groups. Hachiman's theory worked and solved Hayama's request the way he wanted.

6th - Taishi's sister Saki

Komachi brings her friend Taishi to a Service Club study session. Taishi explains his concern for his sisters recent behaviour. Yukino accepts his request and they try to talk to Saki. The Service Club learns that Saki is working night shifts for extra money at the expense of her good grades. Hachiman is the one to realize that she is doing it to lessen the financial burden on her family.

Hachiman resolves Taishi's request by informing Saki about scholarships. If she can be a good student she can win financial rewards.

Results - Battle Royale update

At the workplace tour, Shizuka tells Hachiman that his and Yukino's battle has run into some interference (Yui), and the rules need to be reevaluated.

Volume 3

Battle Royale cont - Recruit another member task

Yui is no longer showing up to the Service Club. Shizuka appears one day and explains the new rules for the "battle-royale". She mentions it's now a 3-way brawl, and they are allowed to cooperate. This will let them oppose each-others ideals, yet learn to work in tandem at times. But before the new rules can work, they need to recruit another person. Shizuka threatens Hachiman and Yukino to find another member by Monday.

Hachiman considers Totsuka, but Yukino wants Yui back. They decide to throw a birthday party for Yui and ask her to rejoin the club.

7th - Zaimokuza and the UG Club + recruiting Yui

On Monday Yui shows up like Yukino asks. Before Yukino and Hachiman can explain anything or mention the surprise party, Zaimokuza bursts into the room. He has come with a request about the UG club. He was being bullied by a member from the club and they agreed to settle their differences with a game. Zaimokuza wants them to cancel the game, or fix it so that he will win for sure.

The Service Club, Yui, and Zaimokuza head over to the UG club to settle the request. They play a game of cards and eventually resolve Zaimokuza's request. They also smooth things over with Yui, Hachiman notes everyone is getting along again after the request. When they return to the Service Club, they reveal the surprise birthday party for Yui who rejoins the club.

Yui's Birthday Party

Originally from the Volume 3 Drama CD and continued later on the Volume 7.5 Drama CD, The Service Club holds a proper birthday party for Yui and welcome her back to the club. Totsuka, Komachi, and Zaimokuza all come celebrate. Her party involved Cake, Karaoke, a trip to the Arcade, and a trivia contest. See Volumes 3 and 7.5

Volume 4

Chiba Summer Camp - Rumi's situation

While not technically a request, Shizuka has the Service Club, along with Komachi, Totsuka, and Hayato's Clique, volunteer over summer vacation at an elementary school summer camp. She thinks it will be good "real world" experience for them to interact with other social cliques.

While at the summer camp, the Service Club as well as Hayato notice Tsurumi Rumi, a young loner student who is bullied/excluded by her peers. Hayato wants to help Rumi become better friends with the other students. Hachiman and Yukino don't believe he can do anything about it after witnessing him try and include Rumi in some of the activities. Shizuka lets the Sobu students attempt to help and they agree to a plan that Hachiman comes up with.

Hachiman decides to break the current bonds around Rumi so she and her bullies can make new ones. He comes up with a plan to make Rumi's group turn on each-other in the "test of courage", a final event for the camp students. That night he has Hayato, Yumiko, and Tobe pretend to be delinquents and harass Rumi's group. Instead of demoralizing the students and breaking their bonds, Rumi rescues her group by blinding Hayato's clique with her camera and leads her group away safely.

This only stopped the bullying that affected Rumi, and she did not become friends with any of her peers.

Volume 5

Volume 5 takes place over summer break, there are no Service Club requests.

Some notable events:

  • Yui asks Komachi to dog-sit Sable
  • Taishi asks Hachiman about Sobu High
  • Hachiman has a ramen "date" with Shizuka
  • Hachiman and Yui go to the fireworks festival

Volume 6

8th - Sagami and Culture Festival Help

Sagami volunteers to be Chairwoman of the Cultural Festival Planning Committee, however things are more difficult than she realized. She asks the Service Club to help guide her through the planning process in order to aid her "personal growth". The Service Club accepts and Yukino becomes her Vice-Chairwoman.

Throughout the planning stages, Sagami continuously shows she is incapable of leading and not very good at her job. The situation is handled by Yukino, who manages to keep everything running smoothly.

Sagami's actual goal was to use the position of Chairwoman to make herself and her friends look good compared to others. She wanted the Service Club to do most of the work and make it look like she did all the work herself. When her friends stop showing up and Yukino outshines her, Sagami begins hate her situation.

The Culture Festival culminates with Sagami hiding before the closing ceremony and Hachiman trying to find her to "complete" her request. Sagami thinks no one actually needs her when Hachiman finds her. However when Hachiman criticizes her, and her friends show up with Hayato, she agrees to give the closing ceremony speech.

Hachiman's actions were noticed by his class and everyone see's Sagami as the victim instead of pathetic and incompetent. The Culture Festival was a success but only due to the Service Clubs effort, this is ignored largely due to Sagami's manipulation of the situation to make herself look better.

Volume 6.5

Chiba Email Consultations

In Volume 6.5 the Service Club receives a laptop and a message from Shizuka, telling them to answer problems via Email.

Emails they receive:

  • Ebina mails about her HachimanxHayato fantasies, she wants them to get closer. Hachiman replies her fantasies are delusional and will never happen.
  • Haruno asks if Hachiman can help her get friendlier with Yukino, who has been giving her the cold shoulder lately. Hachiman and Yui ask Haruno to stop being so invasive and let Yukino open up on her own terms.
  • Yumiko "complains" about Sagami. She seems worried that Sagami is still upset about the Culture Festival results. See 8th and 9th requests
  • Meguri emails asking the Service Club to help her plan the Athletic Festival, she also wants them to help her win because its her last year in high school. See 9th request

9th - Meguri requests help with the Athletic Festival + Sagami's redemption

In addition to her email, Meguri shows up in person to request the Service Club's help. She asks the Service Club to help her plan the Athletic Festival, and also wants them to help her win because its her last year in high school.

In order to resolve both Yumiko and Meguri's requests the Service Club uses Yui and Hayato to recruit Sagami as the Athletic Festival Chairwoman. This time she promises to do a better job and the Service Club will let her handle more work.

The Athletic Festival Committee has a rough time organizing the events, but a well supported and newly motivated Sagami handles the pressure well. At one point a group of her friends try and revolt against her and the school rules. Sagami along with the Service Club quell the malcontents and come up with a plan for the festival that makes mostly everyone happy.

On the day of the Athletic Festival, Hachiman just needs to win the boys event so his and Meguri's team will win the overall event. He succeeds but he is later disqualified for "cheating". Despite losing, Meguri is happy with the results.

Hachiman runs into Sagami later and sees her doing cleanup paperwork for the Athletic Festival. He notes that she is doing much better than before and her attitude towards him is back to normal (indifferent/slightly rude).

Volume 7

10th - Tobe's Confession

Hayato brings Tobe to the Service Club. Tobe wants to confess his love for Ebina during the Kyoto Trip. He asks the Service Club to help him set the mood for his confession and give him pointers. He also doesn't want to get rejected because that would be lame and would make him feel bad.

11th - Ebina's request for better friendship

The day before the Kyoto trip Ebina goes to the Service Club with her own request. On the surface she wants the Service Club to indulge her fujoshi fantasies by making the boys, including Hachiman, get along really well on the field trip.

It is later revealed her real request is to stop Tobe's confession. She doesn't want to go out with him, but is afraid the rejection will hurt their groups friendship.

Hayato wishes for the status quo to remain the same

It's not an official request as Hayato only talks to Hachiman. He asks Hachiman to make Ebina's request come true and make Tobe to give up on his confession. Hayato, like Ebina, is happy with his current friendships, he wants it to last as long as possible. Hachiman agrees after Hayato says he couldn't do it himself.


Hachiman falsely confesses to Ebina in front of Tobe. It results in Ebina letting Tobe (and Hachiman) know she doesn't want to date anyone at that time, as well as Tobe not getting rejected. Tobe gives Ebina space, Hayato relaxes, and Ebina thanks Hachiman on the last day of the field trip and again later at Destinyland.

However his own friends, Yui and Yukino, are upset he makes himself the villain again (possibly because they watched him confess to another girl). Things become very tense and emotionally strained in the Service Club.

Volume 7.5

Volume 7.5 is a compilation of short stories that take place out of order. These requests will not be numbered until a timeline is fully vetted.

Chiba Email Consultations - Re:V6.5

The Service Club receive emails and give answers from/to

  • Zaimokuza asking for tips on love.
  • Shizuka asking for marriage/spouse appeal tips.

Chiba Love & Marriage magazine (OVA)

Shizuka makes the Service Club complete a column about teens and youth marriage for a magazine. As all 3 members of the Service Club and Shizuka are clueless about marriage and relationships they have to rely on someone else for advice. Komachi comes to help and designs a bridal crash course which they participate in.

Afterwards the Service Club is able to write a decent article for the magazine.

More Chiba Email Consultations - Re:V6.5

  • Totsuka wants advice on how to be a better role model and tennis club captain.
  • Zaimokuza wants writing tips.

Yui's Birthday pt.2

Part of the Volume 7.5 Drama CD, after Yui's birthday the group decides on another get together. This time the arcade where they run into Shizuka again. Komachi organizes another contest like the bridal crash course.

Even More Chiba Email Consultations - Re:V6.5

  • Zaimokuza wants more writing help.
  • Saki Kawasaki wants advice for her brother who is taking Sobu's entrance exam. And study tips for herself

Judo Request - Judo Tournament

The new Judo Club captain, Shiroyama, wants the service club to help with their problem. The old Judo Club captain is very good, but very harsh and ill tempered. Lately he has been returning to "tutor" his old club, chasing away any new and casual members in the Judo Club. They know he won't stop coming if asked, so the Service Club organizes a Judo Tournament as a means to attract new members. Their real plan is to get the talented and athletic Hayato to beat the Judo Club members in the finals in order to embarrass the old Judo Captain him so he will leave.

In the Judo Tournament Hayato leads his team to the finals. However, he gets pulled away for Soccer Club by Isshiki before he can fight in the final match. Yukino fights in his place and wins. Hachiman then calls out the old Judo Captain to fight him in a match, who accepts after watching his old club get beat by a girl. Hachiman riles the old Judo Captain up so much that he almost wins the match. It was embarrassing to almost lose to Hachiman so the Old Captain angrily agrees to leave his old club alone as long as Hachiman stays away as well.

Again, Even More Chiba Email Consultations - Re:V6.5

  • Zaimokuza wants advice about which publisher to work with.
  • Komachi is bothering Hachiman about their cat for "Komachi Points".

Volume 8

12th - New Student Council President + Yui's plea

Shizuka, Meguri, and Isshiki request the Service Club help Isshiki lose the student council election in a dignified way.

Yukino believes the best way would be to run for President herself, or get someone like Hayato to run. Both of them could beat Isshiki easily. Yui after seeing how determined Yukino is, also decides to run. Hachiman's methods will not work in this request and everyone shoots down his suggestions. Even so, he decides against Yukino and Yui's methods.

Yui is afraid this request will break their group apart, hinting she doesn't want their club to disband.

After a lot of time Hachiman convinces Isshiki to drop her request and embrace the Presidential position. This means the Service Club will continue to exist and neither Yui or Yukino will have to run for election.


Isshiki decides to accept the Student Council President position. Yui thanks Hachiman for preserving the Service Club. Hachiman begins to suspect Yukino wanted to be Student Council President. Meguri expresses her wish that Yukino would have succeeded her, Yui would be Secretary, and Hachiman could handle General Affairs. Things become even more tense between the Service Club members. And Hachiman wonders if he made a mistake but convinces himself he did not.

Volume 9

13th - Christmas Collaboration Event

Isshiki comes to the Service Club with a request. She needs help planning the Christmas Collaboration Event with Kaihin Sougou. Hachiman turns her down on behalf of the Service Club, as things are tense because of his recent actions, but agrees to help her personally on his own time.

When seeing the meetings firsthand, Hachiman realizes why nothing is getting done and starts to doubt the event will actually happen. He meets Rumi who is also helping, and sees she is still a loner. Hachiman realizes that his methods are wrong and cant solve everything even if they do help sometimes.

14th - Hachiman needs help + Something Genuine

Hachiman, unable to make progress with the Christmas Event, decides he needs help.

One day he visits the Service Club as a customer. He asks Yui and Yukino for help with the event. Yukino turns him down, saying he should clean up his own mess. Hachiman begins to tearfully "apologize" and expresses his wish for something genuine. Yukino, unable to understand his apology runs away. Hachiman and Yui go to find her.

On the roof, the Service Club meet and reconcile. They agree to work together and Yukino & Yui accept his request(s).


The Service Club is unsure of how to proceed with the Christmas Event. Shizuka hands them tickets to Destinyland that she won and encourages them to get some firsthand Christmas experience to help them. While not much help, the day off lets the Service Club relax and revert back to their friendly ways.


Hachiman with the aid of Yukino's cold diplomacy, is able to finally make progress organizing the Christmas Event. They manage to organize a successful event. It's a musical involving elementary school students with Rumi Tsurumi as the lead.

The Service Club is better than before and committed to rekindling their friendship and working out any issues they might have. Rumi is also embraced by her peers for a wonderful performance.

Volume 10

15th - Hayato's Career Path

Yumiko emails as well as shows up to the Service Club with a request. She is worried about her future, and about her and Hayato's. She is disturbed by the recent rumours that Yukino and Hayato are dating. Yukino dismisses those as completely false. Yumiko then asks the Service Club to figure out what Hayato's future career path is, Sciences, or Humanities (Liberal Arts), so she can choose the same path for 3rd year.

Hachiman observes the recent difficulty Hayato is having regarding girls and the rumours about him. After failing to get a direct answer out of Hayato, Hachiman tries to convince him to take the Sciences as there are less girls to cause problems. Hayato cryptically refuses, indicating he is taking Humanities for his 3rd year.

Upon hearing this, Yumiko resolves to take Humanities for her 3rd year as well.

Volume 10.5

16th - Iroha's newsletter (OVA Zoku)

After a fun "date" with Hachiman, Isshiki asks the Service Club to scope out places in Chiba that students might enjoy hanging out at. She lends them a camera to take pictures. The Service Club travels all over and has a good time.

Afterwards, Isshiki is pleased with the photos and takes the Service Club's photo for the yearbook.

Volume 11

17th - Pre-Valentines Day chocolate making

Many girls including, Saki, Isshiki, Yumiko, and Ebina wish to give chocolate to somebody or make it for some other reason. Several girls wish to give chocolate specifically to Hayato on Valentine's Day, but he wont accept chocolate from anyone.

Hachiman comes up with an idea of a cooking class with Hayato as the taste tester. This will be neutral ground for him to accept everyone's chocolate.

Isshiki organizes the event with Kaihin Sougu so she can possibly pocket any extra funds. It turns out to be a very successful event.

18th - Yukino's Request

At the end of Season 2 and Volume 11 Yukino says she has a request. It is left on a cliffhanger until Volume 12.

Volume 12

Anime Requests

Episode 1-1

1st Request of the Service Club: To make cookies by Yui Yuigahama

File:YEP01 - 22.jpg
The following day, Yui Yuigahama enters the club with a request that they help her bake cookies for a "certain person". Yukino tries and fails to get Yui to bake correctly, although Hachiman fulfills Yui's request using reverse psychology which effectively helps her realize that people simply appreciate the thought alone. The following week, Yui shows up at the clubroom and gives both Hachiman and Yukino baked cookies as thanks for their help.

Observation in Classroom:

While in class, Hachiman thinks about the pros and cons of forming social groups by comparing the act to the animal kingdom and wishes he was a solitary bear while subsequently drawing one on his biology assignment. At lunch, Hachiman observes Yui's continually failed attempts to break away from her social group led by the popular Yumiko Miura in order to have lunch with Yukino. Yui, soon finds herself in a tight spot when she can't explain why she has to leave to Yumiko.

File:YEP01 - 36.jpg
Hachiman indirectly try to stand up for Yui only to be intimidated by Yumiko's glare. Just then Yukino shows up and demandds to know why Yui is late, but understands once Yumiko makes herself known. Yukino then proceeds to point out the flaws in Yumiko's personality, in that she imposes her beliefs on others as the unrequited leader of her social group. Afterwards, realizing the tense atmosphere, everyone but Yui and Yumiko exit the class,When Hachiman pass by Yui to leave the class , Yui thank him for trying to help her.

While outside the class, Yukino and Hachiman listen to Yui telling Yumiko her true feelings of the way she wants to be treated. After leaving Yui to solve her problem with Yumiko, she leave only to find Hachiman eavesdropping on her conservation with Yumiko which cause her to be silghtly angry, embarrassed as she run off.

REQUEST : To help Yui makes cookies for someone

  • Real problem : Yui doen't have any confidence to express herself in confidence because of her fear of losing her stand in her clique.


  • Yukino : Simple hard work
  • Hachiman : Males are helplessly simple. They get the wrong idea if you just talk to them and they’d be happy just to get homemade cookies.


  • Yui became courageous to be able to express herself with confidence as seen by her conversation with Yumiko. Yui later joined the service club .

Episode 1-2

2nd Request: Review of novel by Yoshiteru Zaimokuza

Yoshi anime

Dilusional zaimokuza

After school, an acquaintance of Hachiman, the delusional Yoshiteru Zaimokuza shows up at the club with a request that they help him review a light novel he wrote, as he did not want the harsh review of the online reviewers, For which they accept. With the warning that Yukino's critiques are more harsh than the online reviewers. Both Hachiman and Yukino read his novel throughout the night, and Yui didn't bother to do anything.


Service club listening to zaimokuzan request

The following day, without any hesitation the service club gave their opinions to Zaimokuza.

Yukino harshly criticized Yoshiteru's work, making him feel put down.

1.“It was boring. In fact, it was almost painful to read. It was boring beyond my imagination.

2.”First off, the grammar was a mess if you want people to read this, you also have to make it less predictable. I could tell what was coming in the story from miles away and there wasn’t any sign that things would get more interesting.

3.Also, why is the heroine stripping here? the narration is too long, there are so many convoluted kanji, so it’s just really hard to read. Also, please refrain from trying to make people read an unfinished story. Before we even talk about literary style, maybe you should go and get some common sense"

Yui Yuighama commented

"you sure do know a lot of tough words…”

As he look at Hachiman for better review, Hachiman dealt the final blow by asking him

“So, exactly what did you rip-off to write that?”


Reviews by the sertvice club

Hachiman was surprised when Yoshiteru ask them to do another review for his Novel despite the cruel comments by the three .After Yoshiteru reveal that he was glad for being able to get honest opinions from people for something he wrote, Hachiman realized that Yoshiteru not only delusional , But he also have a Writer fever who just want people to read his story therefore he promise to review as many of his work he can.

REQUEST: To review his work before applying for the Light novel competition

  • Real problem : Yoshiteru wants someone to read his work


  • Yukino: Harsh critiques
  • Yui : polite critique which became harsh for Yoshiteru
  • Hachiman: Harsh critiques but promises to read his every works again.


  • Yoshiteru's new works was read by Hachiman from then on . And most of his requests are taken by the club.
  • Yoshiteru had a bad history with opposite gender to the point of having difficulties in talking to them. But after his request he made a firm acquintance with two females

Episode 1-3

3rd Request: Totsuka Saika and Tennis Court Showdown


Saika training with service club

Hachiman paired up with Saika for tennis one day during gym class. Saika then asks Hachiman to join the Tennis Club to help raise their strength. Unsure of what to do, Hachiman asks Yukino for advice. Just then, Yui shows up with Saika who requests that the club help him with tennis practice, which takes a few days with no improvement.


Yui against Yumiko

At the tennis court, Yumiko and her clique show up and demand to use the court. Hayato Hayama and Yumiko make a wager with Hachiman and Yui to have a double tennis match with the winner being able to use the court and help Saika practice.

As Yumiko and Hayato steadily gain the upper hand, Yui sprains her ankle but gets Yukino as her replacement. After a bit of pregame banter with Yumiko, Yukino steadily dominates the game until her stamina runs low, and entrusts the game to Hachiman. Hachiman uses his knowledge of the sea breeze's speed and direction and is able to win the match.

Although, everyone ignores the Service Club's victory since Hayato protects Yumiko from injuring herself after Hachiman's final serve. At the end, Saika thanks Hachiman, who himself remarks that the "god of romantic comedies" is a retard for the end pairing which seems homosexual. As Hachiman returns to the club room, he walks in while Yui and Yukino changing and is knocked out with a tennis racquet before complementing the "romantic god" with his sense of humor.

REQUEST : To make the tennis team better

Real Problem : The tennis club is slacking off due to lack of motivation and anyone to inspire


  • Yukino :To help Totsuka improve his tennis ability. If he can get better, everyone else will try harder too.
  • Yui :Asst Saika in his training
  • Hachiman : Assisted Yukino and serve the last ball to save the court from Yumiko's dominance.So that Saika can practice during lunch without interference.


  1. Because of that special training, Totsuka has been really fired up about practice ever since then and later he becomes the captain of the tennis club.
  2. It is revealed that Yukino and Yui trust Hachiman to certain level.
  3. it is also revealed that both Yukino and Yui disagrees with Hachiman statement that he might be a better person if he was raised as Hayato.

Episode 1-4

4th Request: False chain message by Hayato Hayama

At the Service Club meeting, Yui and Hachiman receive a mysterious chain text implicating 2F's Kakeru Tobe, Ōoka, and Yamato as delinquents. At this time, Hayato enters the club room and requests that the Service Club help him stop the text from circulating, which they accept.


Yui explanation

They realize that the texts are connected to the upcoming three-person-per-group Workplace Visit and since Hayato's clique has four people, one of them is spreading the rumors to get someone knocked out of the group. So that the particular culprit wouldn’t get left out. The reason why those three were fighting was because they wanted to be with Hayama.


Hayama's friends in Hachiman perspective

Yukino has Yui and Hachiman gather information on the three suspects, but Yui fails to gather any information due to her inability to remain subtle. Hachiman decides to instead watch Hayato's clique for some time, and noticing that when Hayato is around they are all lively. Hayato then approaches Hachiman and asks of his progress, just as Hachiman observes that the clique is now quiet and awkwardly checking their phones now that Hayato is no longer with them.

Realizing the situation, Hachiman explains to everyone at the Service Club, that he doesn't know who the culprit is, but explains that their behavior when Hayato isn't around suggests they are only acquaintances, with Hayato being their mutual friend, therefore they are literally competing for his attention. Basically, the answer was to separate Hayama Hayato from his friends. He solves the case by suggesting that Hayato have the three of them group and have a chance to get to know each other better, which seems to work. As thanks, Hayato groups with Hachiman along with Saika for the Workplace Visit.

  • REQUEST : To stop the fake chain message. but he didn’t want to turn it into a witch hunt and wanted to know how to solve things peacefully.
  • 4545
    Real problem : All the male members of Hayato's clique is competing for Hayato's attention and were not friendly with each other as they are to Hayato


  • Yui :
  1. was the one to deduce the heart of the problem.
  2. Tried asking the girls about it only to be failed in her attempt
  • Yukino : Culprit didn’t want their true identity to be known and were afraid of being found out, so they use fake ids. In that case, they would probably stop, When their cover was blown. Basically, finding the culprit was the quickest way of finishing things. a person who commits such a despicable deed undoubtedly deserves to be eradicated
  • Hachiman :The reason why those three were fighting was because they wanted to be with Hayama. So take out the root cause. Basically, the answer was to separate Hayama Hayato from his friends Let the three form a group without Hayato on the trip.


  • The problems were resolved and the Fake chain message stopped. After Hachiman proposal of idea, that the three of Hayato's clique form a group of three without Hayato on the Workplace Trip.
  • The trio appears to be more friendly than before in the later series
  • The trio talked casually as seen in Season 2 episode 1 with the jokes of Hikitani-kun (Hachiman's mispronounced name as called from Hayama's clique) even in the absence of Hayama.
  • In light novel Hachiman's idea was followed when the group of three were formed for the judo competition as mentioned in Volume 7.5.

Episode 1-5

5th Request: Kawasaki Saki's Activities by Taishi

REQUEST: To find out about his sister's nightly activities.

Real problem: His sister appears to be delinquent, The request was to discover what Saki was doing and return her to her old self.


This is the first request where the service club required out sourcing and volunteers to help them in one way or other.

After all of their approach went in vain, The service club decides to go in person to Saki's workplace which has the name Angel. In Angel ladder Saki single evenhandedly retaliated every club members.

  • Yukino:
  1. Animal theraphy, Yukino suggested by using (Kamakuran,Hachiman's cat) they can bring out Saki's gentle side by having her interaction with the cat but it failed as Saki is allergic to cats.
  2. direct coinfrontation to Saki but was retaliated
  • Yui:
  1. Yui suggested that Saki might have changed for a worst but can be changed back, and she adds that girls only changes for better if they are in love.Yui requested help from Hayato to initiate this feeling in Saki(It was also a failure).
  • Hachiman:

After the service club confrontation, Hachiman asked of Saki's time to discuss about her brother after her shift is over.There Hachiman encircled Saki in away her usual retaliation and escape would not work. Hachiman predicts the root cause of Saki's problem which is her intension to enter cram school for university preparation but she doesn't want to impose on her parents, as they are focusing on her siblings expenses.

Hachiman later suggested Saki about the scholarship


  • Saika Totsuka
Saika suggested help from other adults other than Saki's parents, as there are thinks one must talk to adult but cannot talk to their parents about. The club decided on asking help from Shizuka sensei.

  • Shizuka Hiratsuka

Saika counters Shizuka's advice

Shizuka have direct confrontation with Saki about her late night activities but Saki quickly retaliates Shizuka by saying that Shizuka should first worried about herself by stating her single status.

  • Hayato Hayama

Hayato tries to appeal to Saki in the cycle stand, By asking about her restlessness and tells her not to force herself too much. But she vaguely ignored him, to which Hayato feels like being rejected.


  • .Saki in light novel, Volume 5 informs Hachiman about her success in gaining the scholarship and thanked Hachiman and says to tell the same to Yukino
  • Saki leaves her night shift part time jobs and spends more time with her family.

Episode 1-6 and 1-7

6th Request: Rumi Tsurumi's circumstances

Summer activity

Hachiman was called several times by Shizuka which he simply ignored.Later Komachi asked Hachiman to take her to Chiba and when he accepted. She carried a packed bag to Chiba station where the hidden plot of Shizuka, Yukino, Yui, Komachi to bring Hachiman for summer club activity is revealed. Saika also joined the group to Chiba village where the service club is appointed to assist the elementary school students with their summer camp activities. Hayama's clique with the exception of Ooka and Yamato also joined the service club activity for various reasons.

In the camp they saw a group of four girls with another following them at a distance of two steps. In the scavenger hunt, Hayato helped the group and talked to Rumi and brought her to the centre of the group. The atmosphere in the group became intense with difficulty which is noted by both Yukino and Hachiman. In making curry session, Rumi was shown to be working alone.when Hayama asked Rumi, if she likes curry she gives a vague answer that she is not interested in curry after peeking at her peers. Hachiman explains to himself that ostracized person should not be talked to in public, as the bullies will say that the target was way over their head if she answered properly or they will say that she is way to rude, if the target answers negatively.

Hayato tried to resolve the situation through talking to her in front of her classmates, with hope of making her popular which instead attracted more hateful and jealous attention towards her.

They talk about making friends but Rumi dismisses it by saying she'll just wait until middle school to make friends since people from other areas would be there. But Yukino explains the flaws in her wish, that Rumi is now "negative" and this brand would be carried to her middle school .Rumi's past would be treated as an in-joke and in the end she'll become a conversation topic, who'll forge friendship with her misery and this will follow her to high school.

Rumi explained her misery that she was going through, the person who became her friend turned into a bully the next day. Her secrets became a conversational topic and joke for others, she continues by saying that a person who talked to her a lot was bullied before and lament that she didn't do any thing wrong to deserve this. According to Hachiman, they didn't need a reason, they just want to have fun at the expense of others.

The following night the group sorted out plans in making things better for Rumi only results in conflict between themself.

The next day she finds Hachiman and gang at the river bank and joins in, after a while she states that everyone left her behind after finishing breakfast .She asks Hachiman, if he had friends back when he was in grade school,to which he replies negatively and says that goes for most people. Even so, Rumi clutches her camera and says that it's not an acceptable explanation for her mum,who bought the camera for Rumi so that she can make friends during the summer vacation. Rumi say that she doesn't want to be friends with them anymore, but feels pathetic being left-out. Hachiman hinted his plan to her before leaving.

Hachiman explains to the company that the only way out is to destroy the trust between her peers, through having Hayato and Kakeru acting as bullies threatening Rumi's group-mates during test of courage event and exposing their selfish nature to each other, thus preventing further organized acts of teasing on Rumi. Thus Hachiman earns a bad reputation from his school mates, however Hayama convince every one to go along with Hachiman's the plan and bet that Rumi's group will deal with it together.

Oregairu 08a

Hayama and the gang bullying Rumi's peers

Hayama and the gang didn't wear any monster costume to make Rumi's group to relax, which they falls for. Afterwards, Hayama's group started bullying them. Hayama asked them to leave any three people behind and the remaining will be freed. Rumi was selected as a default sacrifice, then the rest started quarreling about the remaining two members.

Hayama and the gang intensified the tension in the air. During the precise moment of threatening her peers, Rumi saves them by using her digital camera's flash to blind Hayama's group at the dark forest and escaped with her peers. Hachiman was impressed by her action and hoped for a better future. At the campfire the kids of Rumi's group still hasn't recovered from the shock and keeps looking at Rumi, while Rumi keeps peeking at Hachiman's direction, after that she averts her gaze and never even looked at him again

REQUEST: No official request was made.

  • Real problem: Rumi being lonely and was bullied by her peers for fun with no valid reason which results in her solitude and loneliness which may last till the end of her High school.


  • Yukino: Assisted or supported Hachiman's plan since no one got any reliable plans
  • Yui :N/A
  • Hachiman: Planned to expose Rumi's mean peers by revealing their inner selfishness to each other. In doing so, Tobe, Yumiko and Hayato act as bullies that threaten to beat three of them, while letting the other two go. Since Rumi said that she didn't wants to be friends with her peers anymore but feels pathetic being left out. When Hachiman asks her is she didn't want to feel pathetic she answers yes.


  • Hayato Hayama:
  1. Hayato feels some of his past being reflected on Rumi's case and wishes to do any thing, for her betterment. To which Yukino statest that he couldn't do anything in the past and same goes for the present. Yukino also adds that Rumi's situation weighs on Hayato's mind
  2. Hayato talks to Rumi, infront of her group in the hopes of making things better but only got reasult in negative.
  3. Hayato suggested to talk things with the group which was turned down by Hachiman, Yukino
  4. Hayato suggested to talk individually and privately but was given negative opinion by Hina
  5. Hayato accepts and ask his clique to follow Hachiman's plan but hoped that they stand together against Hachiman's predictment.
  • Kakeru Tobe and Yumiko Muira

Both of them acted as deliquents along with Hayato in splitting the group up.


  • Hachiman sees that his method did save her from bullying, but he feels that it mightn't been enough as her solitary aura still remains when he saw her in the Christmas event. In other words Rumi didn't have any friends.
  • The request still remains unfinished which Hachiman includes in the his combo work of Christmas collaboration event where Hachiman makes Rumi the star of a play planned by committee, thus making her popular figure.
  • Hayato and Tobe feels Hachiman is extremely horrible for devising such solution. After the Cultural Festival ended, Tobe voices his opinion on Hachiman and mentions that something not unlike the rooftop incident happened also during summer.
  • Shizuka and Yukino give their praise in a completly strange way to Hachiman. Yukino feels that Hachiman might have rescued somone else along with Rumi.
  • Hayato and Hachiman acknowledged each other for who they really are.
  • Hayato stated his difficulty in getting along with Hachiman and adds that things might be different if he goes to the same middle school as him
  • Shizuka gives zero points to Hachiman in the Battle royale challenge even though Hachiman had major role in this request, since Hachiman resisted to come to the summer camp.

Episode 1-7

Episode 1-8

Episode 1-9 and 1-10 and 1-11

7th Request: Cultural festival committee by Minami Sagami

REQUEST: Minami's goal of wanting to grow through this Cultural Festival

Real problem: Minami wanted to be in the same hierarchy of Yumiko and Hayato in class politics by taking the name of the chair person of successful cultural festival. She did it solely for the attention.


The club was planned to be dismissed till the end of cultural festival and Minami's requested was taken solely by Yukino alone. Later Yukino stole the spotlight from her.

Hachiman later joined the activity

  • Yukino :Assisted Minami in managing the duties, later the entire workload when Minami bailed in her duties.
  • Yui:Nil
  • 11

    The roof top incident

    Hachiman : Criticized and indirectly forced the entire planning committee to take up their role seriously, in away helped Yukino reduce her work load as well, afterwards scapegoated for Minami's laxness and also to support Yukino's doing.


  • Minami becomes the victim and is sympathized by the entire school.
  • Minami is mentioned never attains any growth anyway.
  • Hayato shows his violent side towards Hachiman for his harsh words to Minami.
  • Hachiman is loathed by the entire school with the exception of few who know the truth, although this is somewhat questionable.And he constantly subjected to scron and discust by his classmate. Fortunately, this is temporary and blows over as time passes.
  • Class atmospere is trased by Sagami's clique with gloominess
  • Hachiman earns the trust of Yukino to a greater degree with some hints of friendship.
  • Haruno is impressed with Hachiman and the growth of Yukino.

Episode 1-10

Episode 1-11

Episode 1-12

8th Request: Athletic festival committee by Meguri Shiromeguri

REQUEST: To make the current sports event interesting and being last year as a student to the school, Meguri wants to win.

Real problem :.

  1. Political correctness of event due to people being fussy. and the difficulty of framing new events.
  2. non-coperation among the committee members headed by Sagami.
  3. Discontent towards Sagami being Chair person


  • Yukino:
  1. Yukino suggested Sagami to be chair person, Since she didn't achieve any growth in times of cultural festival.
  2. This is to cope up with Yumiko's mail request to change the class atmosphere, which was affected after cultural festival.
  3. Participated in the planing committe
  4. Helped in winning the event of cavalry battle.
  • Yui:
  1. Participated in cavalry battle
  2. negociate between labours and committe members
  • Hachiman:
  1. Suggested Hina, Yoshiteru in organizing the event to be more exciting.
  2. plotted to favour the committe from oppression of sports club volunteers
  3. Helped in labouting the event
  4. Plotted a plan to win the pole drop event.


  • Meguri was happy with the events even though her team lost.
  • But team Red was Disqualified due to the stunt performed by Hachiman which is considered to be a foul play.
  • The service club members are excited for athletic festival of next year, even if they end up in different team.
  • Sagami changed a little but to what extent is questionable.
  • Sagami understands her stand in friendship


9th Request: Marriage Magazine by Shizuka Hiratsuka

REQUEST: To help in preparing a magazine as part of a campaign by the Chiba region to promote "Love and Marriage" to teenagers.

Real problem :

  1. Shizuka doesn't know how to get married or anything about marriage.
  2. The student are not in the age to know anything about marriage.


This is the only request shown, where the members have a brainstorming session





  1. Completed successfully
  2. Served as experiencee for Sobu High newspaper
  3. First Service club picture is taken

Episode 2-1 and 2-2

10th Request: Confession to Ebina by Kakeru Tobe

REQUEST :To help Tobe as a wing man to confess to Hina during the field trip and he doesn't want to get rejected.

  • Real problem :
  1. Hina doesn't want to be in a relationship.
  2. Tobe's clique members are not completely supportive.
  3. ===The possibility of the request going well is low.===
  4. Greater possibility of clique to break down.


  • Yui:
  1. Insisted the club to take up the request.
  2. Created situation for Tobe and Hina to be alone.
  3. Asked Hina to come to the spot choosen for the confession.
  • Yukino:
  1. Provided a list of places that a girl would like in the field trip.
  2. Chosen the place for the confession.
  • Hachiman :
  1. Assisted Yui in the task
  2. Helped Tobe to a certain extent.

11th Request: Stopping the Confession by Hina Ebina

YZEP01 - 38 1

Hina request to service club

REQUEST: Hina wants the male members of her clique to get along with themselves.

Even though the request was made in the club room in front of every members, It was explicitly mentioned to Hachiman.

Real problem: Hina doesn't want Tobe to confess, Since she doesn't want to be in a relationship.

This request is further fortified by both Hayama and Yumiko's wish of not lossing the current status quo. While none of the three knows about the others request to Hachiman

There is a possibility of Hina asking the same request to Hayato which is obivious to Hachiman.


Yukino: None (She doesn't know the hidden request).

Yui: None

Hachiman: Hachiman was able to understand Hina's request only towards the end, so he could come up with only one solution, Hachiman confessed to her just before Tobe can and got rejected providing a window for Hina to express her mind.


  • Tobe didn't get rejected as per his request.
  • Hachiman earned a good will from Tobe, who became friendlier with him later on.
  • The weight is off Hina's shoulders.
  • Hina spoke freely with Hachiman when their alone.
  • The status quo of Hayama clique is maintained and things are back to normal like nothing changed.
  • Hayato suffers under the weight of knowing Hachiman's sacrifices to save his own clique.
  • The service club members relationship is strained.
  • Yukino declares her hatred of Hachiman's method.
  • Yui tears down again and surprised by her clique acting normal the next day, doubting her understanding about them.
  • Hachiman's fake confession was covered up from public knowledge.

Episode 2-2

Episode 2-3

12th Request: Student Council Election by Iroha Isshiki

11th Request

Iroha Isshiki's Request discussion in the Service Club.

Iroha Isshiki was recommended as a candidate for the student council president as a prank. Out of her dislike of being forced into that role, she filed a request to the Service Club in order to not get elected and yet not lose in an embarrassing fashion. Because of this request, Yukinoshita Yukino and Yuigahama Yui made decisions to participate in student council elections seemingly against their own will.

Yahari Zoku Episode 5
In order to keep the Service Club intact, Hachiman, with the help of Yoshiteru, Komachi, Taishi, Saika and Saki discussed ideas to prevent Yukino and Yui from becoming the student council president. In the end, Hachiman, together with Zaimokuza, made a fake Twitter account in order to fish the vote for Isshiki Iroha. After that Hachiman convinced Iroha Issiki to be the next student council president which he succeeded. As a result, Isshiki Iroha is elected as the new student council president. She eventually accepts her role of being the student council president.

REQUEST: To help Iroha lose the election but not in an embarrassing fashion.

  • Real problem: Iroha wanted to maintain her image and doesn't want to take any risk that will damage her image by loosing the vote of confidence.


This request marks the first time for the members to have voluntary of participation following Hachiman's suggestion.

The Battle royale is brought up again with the hints of Shizuka forgetting about it

  • Yukino:
    1. The best possible outcome would be, if someone else run for the election and Iroha to lose to them fair and square, Both Yui and Yukino jointly requested Hayama to take up the role of candidacy for president
    2. After Yukino's encounter with her sister, Yukino herself decides to stand for the candidacy of President.
  • Yui: After learning Yukino's decision, Yui to decides to run for President of student council.
  • Hachiman:
    1. First suggested that Iroha can lose the vote of confidence without losing the face by an awful campaign speech and nobody will hold against her. (It was rejected by Yukino, later dropped by Hachiman himself.)
    2. Hachiman with Yoshiteru created a fake twitter account of a list of candidates to get their nomination and later changed it's title as nomination for Iroha ensuring Iroha's selection in vote of confidence with the support of nearing 1/3 of school body and later convinced Iroha to take up the role.


  • Iroha became the president of student council as unopposed as earlier.
  • The strain in the club reaches its critical point.
  • Hachiman felt guilty for making Isshiki President and thus try to assisted Iroha's every request personally.

Episode 2-4

Episode 2-5

13th Request: Christmas Collaboration Event by Hachiman

REQUEST: To help Hachiman for Iroha to organize the christmas collaboration event.

  • Real problem: Hachiman wants something Genuine.


  • Yukino: Promises to help and give him what he wants.
  • Hachiman: N/A
  • Yui: Also promises the same as Yukino.


  • The club's status was almost restored at once they accepted the request.
  • This request brought the service members closer than before.
  • Hachiman thanked his club mates for their help in finishing the event, But yukino states that his request isn't completed and that she will fulfil his request

Episode 2-6

Episode 2-7

14th Request: To know the career path selection by Yumiko Miura

The request is made both in mail and person by Yumiko

REQUEST: To help Yumiko in deciding her career path.

  • Real problem: She wanted to be close to Hayato and want to know his career path
  • Yumiko is greatly disturbed by the rumor of Hayato and Yukino dating .


  • Yukino: Asked her sister Haruno about Hayato's choice (But failed)..Explained Hayato's family background that might affect Hayato's choice
  • Yui: requested Hina to share her piece of her mind regarding Hayato's career path (not fruitful)
  • Hachiman:
  1. Confronted Hayato directly but shot down by him coldly.
  2. With the help of Saika, Hachiman finds a way to persuade Hayama on taking the science as his career path by pointing out it's benefit. But it only provoked Hayato not to follow Hachiman's advice (Meaning he choose Liberal arts).


  • Yumiko's feelings for Hayato is made clear.
  • Hachiman relying on Saika Totsuka for the first time.
  • Hayato's inferiority complex towards Hachiman is revealed but between them alone.
  • Hayato vows not to lose to Hachiman, meaning that he will always live up to others expectation.
  • The hostility between Yumiko and Yukino softens.
  • Both Hayato and Hachiman expressed their hatred for one another.
  • In the light novel Hayato finds out the hints of Hachiman being disturbed by the rumors.
  • The rumor is crushed by Hayato's speech after the marathon.

Episode 2-8

Episode 2-9

Episode 2-10

15th Request: To make home made chocolate for valentine by Yumiko Miura , Iroha Isshiki, Saki Kawasaki

This is the first time there are multiple requestees with more or less same type .

REQUEST: To help Yumiko and Iroha in making valentine Chocolate for Hayato. While for Saki, to help her sister Keika in making simple chocolate

  • Real problem: None of the requestees knows to make chocolate
  • Hayato was not willing to take any valentine chocolate
  • too many requestess


  • Yukino:Teach every one to make chocolate
  • Yui:Assisted
  • Hachiman: suggested an event where all of them can participate and let others eat the chocolate


  • Event successfully executed
  • The service club is revealed to have a sexual tension among them.
  • Haruno exposed the deviation of the club members from their idea of Genuine.

Episode 2-11

Episode 2-12