This episode is the adaptation of Volume 7 from Chapter 1 to Chapter 6, while the the first scene was reanimated from Episode 12 of Season 1 which is the adaptation of Volume 6 Chapter 7.

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The lively atmosphere of Soubu High School begins dissipating after the events of the recent festivals and the focus shifts to an upcoming field-trip to Kyoto. While the Service Club discuss the trip, they are rudely interrupted by Hayato Hayama and Kakeru Tobe, who request that they help the latter in a romantic pursuit of Hina Ebina. Hachiman Hikigaya decides to accept the request and outlines the risks of asking a girl out before they try to discern Kakeru's favorable traits. The following day, Yui Yuigahama outlines a plan to utilize the field-trip for the request until Hina interrupts them. Hina remarks about the evolving relationships of her peer group and further adds her support for Hachiman to become more sociable. Eventually, the Soubu High students arrive in Kyoto, and Hachiman and Yui make little progress in assisting Kakeru with Hina. Afterwards, Hachiman gives Yukino Yukinoshita a progress report on the request. However, when they spot Shizuka Hiratsuka attempting to sneak out of the hotel, the latter convinces them to keep her nightly escapade under wraps and sends them off with some words of reassurance. Eventually, the first day of the field-trip ends with Hachiman escorting Yukino back to the hotel.

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The series begins with the roof incident of Episode 12 of Season 1 skipping the extra episode and OVA of Season 1, where Hayato grabs Hachiman by the collar and smashes him against the wall while the rest of the clubmates play the band to buy time for Sagami's return. Hayato leaves with a disgusted tone asking "Is this the only way you know how to do things?". While Hachiman says to himself that "A world where no one is hurt is now completed." indicating that everyone can blame him.

Then it is fast forwarded after the Athletic Festival, where Tobe is making jokes of Hachiman as "Somethingtani-kun" while Saika invites Hachiman to form a group with him for the school trip at the precise moment when Hayato and Hina enter.

In the club room, Yukino prepares tea and serves it to the members in their individual cups but serves Hachiman with a paper cup since he doesn't own any cup in the club. They have a discussion about the field trip where each present their idea about the field trip. Yukino explains flawlessly of minor detail of the visit place which makes Hachiman suspect that Yukino was looking forward for the trip as the tour magazine in the desk proves it, which makes Yui and Hachiman laugh.

Their conversation is interrupted by a knock presented by Hayato and Tobe. Hayato explains that Tobe is in need of advice but Tobe refuses to speak in front of Hachiman claiming that only badshit would trust Hachiman. This caused Yukino and Yui to give a cold shoulder to Hayato and Tobe asking them to leave as quick as possible. Tobe decides to explain his request to that he needed support in his confession to Hina during the field trip. Yui was excited while Yukino was dubious but Hachiman is completely on the negative side. Being the minority, Hachiman was forced to go with the request. Hachiman asks Tobe if he is aware of the risks involved explaining his personal experience and other risks but his statement was interrupted by Hayato, saying that he will consider the risks.

Yui plots a list of schemes during the field trip for Tobe's confession during which Hina enters and begins her preaching of yaoi of Tobe, Hayama and Hachiman. Explaining that she is uncomfortable with the change in the group and that she doesn't want anything to change, she stresses her words to Hachiman which confuses him.

The class then leaves for the field trip. In the train, Yui tries to create a aquiet atmosphere for Tobe and Hina but that doesn't seem to go well. Hachiman notes that Hayato is not a willing participant in it and he is also indirectly speaking against it.

In the night, Hachiman runs into Yukino and they share the progress of the request while they witness Shizuka sneaking out. Shizuka then bribes the two by taking them to the ramen shop for ramen. Then Hachiman walks to the hotel with Yukino but Yukino feels shy as realizing the atmosphere of the late night and doesn't want both of them to be seen together by others.

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  • The school still has a bad reputation of Hachiman which can be seen from Tobe's joke
  • Saika and Hachiman form a team for the field trip.
  • Tobe comes with the request but was hesitant to speak in-front of Hachiman to which Yui & Yukino gives a cold shoulders, following which Tobe explains his request.
  • Kaori is mentioned along with Hachiman's confession to her and also the aftermath of the confession.
  • Hina makes a visit to the service club with unclear wordings.
  • The school makes a field trip to Kyoto.
  • Hachiman and Yui proceed with Tobe's request.
  • Hachiman notices Hayama's odd behavior.
  • Shizuka sneaks out for ramen and was witnessed by Yukino and Hachiman, to which she bribes them with ramen for their silence.
  • Yukino and Hachiman walk back to the lodge, to which Yukino feels shy walking with Hachiman late night.

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  1. Chiba
  2. Kyoto

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  • This consists of reanimated scenes from Episode 12 of Season 1.
  • "Bitter Bitter Sweet" is used as the insert song
  • This episode contains various left out incidents and details which are omitted in season 1 as stated below.
    1. This is the first episode in the series to feature Hachiman drinking canned drinks.
    2. It's also the first to show Yukino's obsession with Pan-san dolls.
    3. It also reveals Shizuka's favorite food as ramen.
    4. This episode reveals Tobe's feelings for Hina which, like the above three, completely ignored in first season.
    5. This also contains a flash back sequence of Tobe explaining his feelings for Hina during the Chiba Village summer camp which was ignored in season 1 Episode 7.
  • The ending eye catcher has Hachiman and Saika in it with Saika holding a canned drink while Hachiman is having a chocolate bar.

Ending eye catcher of Episode 1

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