Yui begins to notice the gap developing between Hachiman and Yukino during the usual Service Club meetings. After falling asleep during class, Hachiman is elected (while asleep), along with Minami Sagami as class 2-F's representatives for the committee responsible for Sōbu High School's upcoming Cultural Festival. At the committee meeting, Minami nominates herself to be its president in order to further her own social reputation as well as "self-actualization". That evening, Yukino decides on suspending the Service Club during the Culture Festival after Minami and her clique visit and asks the Service Club to assist in running the festival committee.

Yukino solely accepts, upsetting Yui who makes Hachiman look out for her if anything goes wrong. As the committee starts preparing, Yukino, as the vice-president starts to overshadow Minami with her understanding and management of the various priorities involved in the Culture Festival. Later, Hachiman is able to avioid being a part of Hina's yaoi play due to his committee duties. Meanwhile, Haruno shows up at the committee and tries to apply for a musical performance much to Yukino's reluctance, but, after arriving late, Minami approves, in an attempt to get back at Yukino for taking the committee's spotlight.

Minami starts to shirk her duties and everyone relies more on Yukino. As work piles up the remaining committee members divide the work amongst themselves, with Yukino taking on most of it. Hayato and Meguri Shiromeguri grow concerned over Yukino's division of work, but her initial stance is indirectly justified by Hachiman, causing her to reconsider. Minami arrives to check their progress and basically makes Yukino her committee proxy before leaving to enjoy setting up. Yukino takes most of the work home and the following day fails to show up at school because of a cold according to Shizuka.

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